RCneighborhood Website‏

Happy to introduce a local brand new “Facebook” type website dedicated to RC Enthusiasts in Western Pa. Please take a look around the site and enjoy all the pics, videos, join groups, create your own club/group, make friends, and share photos. We have build threads, classifieds, just about everything we need built into one awesome local site!



Field Work List

Work Num Members Equipment Completed By
 Move fences and weedwack back grass and dirt 2 Weed Wackers Herb/Chad
Sand main table in prep for painting 1-2 Sanding Supplies
Paint main table (Mr. Goff has the paint) 1-2 Brushes Cleaning supplies
Remove old frequency board install new one 2 Socket Wrenchs, Drill
Put up yellow chains 1-2 Wire Cutters
Supervise park during power washing 1 N/A
Role Runway 1-2 Tractor
Waterseal benches 1-2 Sprayers