NOTAM/TFR Issued for Pittsburgh, PA – 4/16‏

A FAA NOTAM/TFR has been issued for the greater Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area for Wednesday 4/16, from 1:45p until 6:00p EDT. The TFR is issued for security purposes to cover VIP movement in this area. Outdoor radio control model aircraft operations are prohibited within the 32nm circle for the specific times listed below. Control Line and Free Flight modelers should use discretion when operating within the TFR. Please note that TFRs are subject to change with very short notice. Check back often for the most current NOTAM/TFR information.

Timely alerts are also available on the web at: or on your cell phone at:

See the link to the TFR below for more detailed information regarding the restrictions:

Map View of the Affected Area

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(Open the KML file or download and open in Google Earth)

  • Area 1 (4/16, 1:45p – 6:00p EDT)
    (32nm radius from Latitude: 40º29’41″N, Longitude: 80º13’59″W)
  • Area 2 (4/16, 1:45p – 6:00p EDT)
    (12nm radius from Latitude: 40º29’41″N, Longitude: 80º13’59″W)

The following clubs have been identified as being affected by these restrictions. Please check the specific location of your flying site to determine if it falls within the boundary of the TFR.

Club Charter No:

1633, 887, 551, 4122, 5203, 4359, 4849, 15035, 1779, 571, 991, 548, 564

TFR – 4/2874


Government Relations Support Team


In a security zone (TFR) those monitoring the airspace must be able to tell friend from foe. In the case of unmanned aircraft there currently is no definitive way to do this, so the current procedure is to ground all unmanned aircraft within the TFR, including model aircraft.

AMA is currently working with FAA’s Special Operations Security division along with the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the other sport aviation groups in an effort to obtain relief for our members and the aero sport community in general from the effect of TFRs.

AMA recently achieved a small victory in clarifying the intent of restrictions on model aircraft. Previously the NOTAMs spoke to prohibiting “model aircraft” operations within the TFR. This left unclear whether this included control line and free flight activities. AMA sought clarification from the Special Operations Security Center (SOSC) and was able to get this issue resolved and the language in the NOTAMs changed. The language in TFRs now refers to “radio controlled model aircraft”, a small concession but a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the federal government and national security the wheels turn very slowly. AMA suspects it may be some time before we see any significant relief, and we may not see any real change until there is a change for the better in the global political environment.